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Aligning information technology services with the mission and strategic objectives of the organisation
Enhancing the effective use of information technology by aligning the information technology function with the mission and strategic objectives of the organisation.

The effective management of an internal information technology function depends on its alignment with the objectives of the organisation it serves. Aligning information technology with the business requires clarity and understanding of the organisation’s mission, strategic objectives, culture, functions and strategies.

The process uses the executive and business unit inputs (as contained in the respective strategic plans – if such plans exist) and derives a strategic framework for the information technology function as well as corporate information technology plans for the organisation as a whole.
The corporate information technology plans typically consist of an applications portfolio, a technology infrastructure plan, personnel plan, premises plan and a financial plan (budget).

Tromp AG can assist clients with the development of an information technology planning process that supports the institution’s business strategy. The implementation of the planning process can also be supported through the facilitation of workshops and the integration of the business requirements of the organisational units into corporate information technology plans.

A case study describing an information technology planning process, linked to the organisational strategy, is provided
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