Tromp AG
Improving financial infrastructure
through strategic thinking, collaboration and technology
Expertise in Financial Infrastructure and Central Banking Business
Expertise in the development of strategy in national and regional initiatives
Tromp AG has the know-how to assist market participants in the development of strategy aimed at the reform, modernisation or establishment of financial infrastructure, and systemically important systems in particular. The approach followed has been designed for industry-wide, multi-stakeholder initiatives such as National Payment System development, market and other market infrastructure development initiatives globally.
Expertise in financial infrastructure
Tromp AG has extensive expertise in the functioning of financial infrastructure on a national, regional and international level
Knowledge of central banking business
As a result of a long career in the South African Reserve Bank, Tromp has a broad and deep knowledge of the role and functioning of a central bank. As an internal information technology solution provider, head of the National Payment System function, and being instrumental in the implementation of strategic management processes and disciplines, he has a unique understanding of a central bank’s business and operations
Expertise in central banking applications and business systems
Providing in the information technology application needs of the different business areas of the central bank has given Tromp a thorough understanding of the application requirements across various central bank applications. This covers, in particular, interbank settlement, economic statistics gathering, time series manipulation and the calculation of economic variables, bank supervision data collection and manipulation, bank note management
Capability to steer and drive major projects
In major projects the governance of the project is key to the successful execution thereof. Tromp AG has the know-how to introduce effective project governance in major projects both within organisations and in industry initiatives, such as national and regional financial infrastructure modernisation projects
Expertise in facilitation and consensus building
Tromp AG has the capability to facilitate effective discussion and build consensus, within organisations and also across industry, in order to develop a shared understanding and agreement on solutions of mutual benefit to all parties involved.
Expertise in information technology infrastructure establishment and management
Tromp AG has expertise and international experience in planning, designing and managing complex information technology infrastructures, capable of supporting mission critical financial infrastructure applications such as RTGS systems. The capability also applies to internal information technology infrastructures of organisations.
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