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Financial Infrastructure Case Studies
Reform of the South African National Payment System (1994 to 1998)
The National Payment System lies at the core of a country's financial infrastructure, enabling the transfer of money between transacting entities. The reform of a National Payment System requires a holistic approach that considers all pertinent components and issues that come into play when an electronic transfer takes place, including final settlement in central bank funds, clearing of payments between the banks, payment instruments, financial instruments that secure interbank positions, governance, oversight, etc. The reform of the South African National Payment System, initiated in 1993 and concluded in 1998, serves as an excellent example of the approach and actions required for a successful transformation.
Developing a business model for the introduction of an electronic money market in South Africa
An industry initiative was launched in South Africa to develop a business model for the clearing and settlement of money market instruments. A team, representative of the key stakeholders, formulated a strategic framework and conceptual model of an electronic market
Creating a payment clearing infrastructure blueprint for the central bank and commercial banks in Namibia
The Namibian banks launched an initiative to develop a domestic payment clearing infrastructure for Namibia. A team, representing the Namibian commercial banks and the Bank of Namibia, participated in a strategy development process to create a blueprint for a national clearing infrastructure. The clearing infrastructure would support a variety of payment instruments and would settle in central bank money through the Namibian RTGS system.
Managing the implementation of financial infrastructure in Sub Saharan Africa
The implementation of Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems and related applications in Sub Saharan Africa started with the introduction of the South African RTGS system, developed and implemented by the South African Reserve Bank. This was followed by numerous countries in Sub Saharan Africa implementing similar infrastructures.
Managing the implementation of financial infrastructure in Arab speaking North Africa
In two of the larger economies in North Africa the implementation of Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems, both in Arab-speaking states, were conducted utilising a similar management approach to the RTGS system implementations in Sub Saharan Africa.
Managing the replacement of RTGS system infrastructures in Scandinavia
Two countries in Scandinavia replaced their long-running, internally-developed, Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems with an off-the-shelf, packaged RTGS solution.

These RTGS replacement projects were complex endeavours to manage due to the fact that the systems being replaced were sophisticated mission-critical, tailor-made and tightly-integrated infrastructures. If it is further considered that the replacement application was a packaged solution, then it should be clear that the alignment of functionality and business practices was a major success factor in the project.
Implementing a bank-wide strategic planning process and introducing an information technology planning process to align with bank strategy
In the late eighties the South African Reserve Bank launched an initiative to introduce top- down and bank-wide strategic planning processes. To facilitate the introduction of the processes, a strategic management business unit was established. The team worked primarily with the governors and senior management of the Bank.

Following the successful completion of the bank-wide strategic planning process the Information Technology function aligned its strategies and operations to those of the Bank, by introducing its own information technology (IT) planning process. The IT process leveraged off the strategic direction set by the Governors and respective Departmental Executive Committees.
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