Tromp AG
Improving financial infrastructure
through strategic thinking, collaboration and technology
Financial Infrastructure Services
Tromp AG provides services to support the duality of the central institutions such as a central bank or a regulator, as (1) a key role player in the development of national financial infrastructure aimed at enabling economic activity and/or financial stability, and (2) a unique organisation with its own internal management and operational requirements.

Supporting institutions in the national and regional financial infrastructure domain
Tromp AG provides strategic and technical consultancy, as well as business and technical solution design, implementation services and support to institutions / organizations / interest groups wishing to improve financial infrastructure in their country or region.

Supporting internal efficiency and effectiveness
Tromp AG supports executive management in improving their internal organisations through a number of improvement interventions, including strategic management and planning processes, aligning the information technology function and its strategies with the organisational goals, information technology infrastructure management improvements and executive training.
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