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Financial services strategy development for a leading national Telco

In June 2015, Tromp AG was appointed by Telkom SA, the South African telecommunications giant, to support the company in the development of a financial services positioning strategy. The assignment was completed in October 2015.

As with Telco’s all over the world, Telkom wished to explore opportunities in the FinTech space, where technology-enabled convergence is clouding boundaries between industry domains and organisations. The objective was to develop a strategic fit for Telkom to capitalise on financial services opportunities in the South African and regional market.

As part of the strategy development process, global trends and the local financial services landscape, were assessed. Considering Telkom’s inspiring vision of “Seamlessly Connecting People to a Better Life”, and Telkom’s market position, capabilities and reach, a strategic fit was developed.

Dr Philip Tromp used his collaborative approach, working with Telkom’s executives and key internal role players, to evolve the strategy.

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