Tromp AG
Improving financial infrastructure
through strategic thinking, collaboration and technology
Supporting institutions in the national and regional financial infrastructure domain
Tromp AG provides strategic and technical consultancy, as well as business and technical solution design, implementation services and support to institutions / organizations / interest groups wishing to improve financial infrastructure in their country or region.

The methodologies and disciplines can be applied to a broad range of multi-stakeholder initiatives such as the establishment, enhancement or transformation of national and regional financial systems, for example, the introduction of Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems, interbank clearing systems (ACH), cross-border payment systems, financial instrument depository (CSD) and settlement systems, financial supervision and oversight systems, remittance solutions, etc.

Potential clients include:
  • Central banks and monetary authorities
  • Financial exchanges
  • Regulators
  • Regional institutions
  • Banking/Bankers associations
  • Stakeholders in multi-bank / multi-institution initiatives

Tromp AG provides the following:

Strategy development
The development of strategy in multi-stakeholder initiatives requires a specific approach and capability. Strategy in this context refers to a blueprint or framework that incorporates the thinking and ideas of a group of stakeholders, collaborating on an initiative to improve a system/s environment that is shared by all.
Solution design and development / procurement
The design of solutions follows an iterative and multi-layered approach that starts with a conceptual design and ends with a solution architecture that can be used for the development of detailed specifications or for the development of a Request for Proposal for the sourcing of the solution.

Tromp AG can assist clients in the conceptualisation of business solutions as well as in the development / procurement of the software and services required.
Designing information technology architectures for financial infrastructure solution implementations
Mission-critical applications, such as financial infrastructure solutions, require a comprehensive and detailed design approach in order to ensure that all aspects such as performance, capacity, resilience, security, throughput, scalability and disaster recovery are considered in the design.
Designing systems security infrastructures
In financial infrastructure applications the integrity of the systems is non negotiable. The level of security specified does, however, have a direct bearing on the cost. The client therefore needs to understand and be comfortable with the assumptions made in the design in order to ensure that an appropriate balance is achieved between the required level of security, the operational implications and the total cost of ownership.
Managing multi-stakeholder projects
The management of multi-stakeholder projects, such as national financial infrastructure implementations, requires collaboration between the different stakeholders on different levels, i.e. business, IT, security, and legal. In addition, the systems typically integrate with other systems and infrastructure components in the wider financial system.

Tromp AG can assist clients with the planning and execution of large-scale projects.
Executive support and project governance
The implementation of financial infrastructure solutions demands effective project governance to ensure that the project is well managed and that effective control and escalation processes are utilised.
Establishing system policies, operating procedures, agreements, legal and regulatory frameworks, etc
No business solution implementation is complete without the necessary policies, procedures, agreements and statutory provisions having been taken care of. Also the information technology infrastructure introduced requires governance policies and operational procedures for the system and its components.
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