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Developing information technology strategies and information technology architecture solutions
As an expensive resource that impacts organisational effectiveness and efficiency, information and communication technologies need to be properly planned, designed and managed.

The establishment of an effective and cost-efficient information technology infrastructure together with the necessary supporting structures, procedures and policies, is fundamental to successful information technology services delivery.

Tromp AG can advise and support clients in the following areas:
  • Developing an information technology strategy, together with action plans and support to implement the strategy
  • Developing a comprehensive system management approach and the selection of appropriate tools
  • Developing change and configuration management procedures and the selection of appropriate tools
  • Advising on information technology structuring and staffing, including the definition of roles and responsibilities for each function, as well as the responsibilities of external service providers (hardware, software, support, etc)
  • Performing a skills assessment including the needs, minimum training for each position, the skills gap and the development of a plan to address the gaps identified
  • Reviewing security procedures, policies and technology with recommendations to address any exposures identified. This would include the authentication and authorisation levels of internal and external users
  • Assisting clients with their procurement processes (definition of requirements, issuing of RFPs, evaluation of proposals, etc)
  • Developing business continuity plans, including disaster recovery plans.
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