Tromp AG
Improving financial infrastructure
through strategic thinking, collaboration and technology
Supporting internal efficiency and effectiveness
Tromp AG supports executive management in improving their internal organisations through a number of improvement interventions, including strategic management and planning processes, aligning the information technology function and its strategies with the organisational goals, information technology infrastructure management improvements and executive training.

Potential clients include:
  • Central banks and monetary authorities
  • Regulators
  • Banks and other financial institutions

Tromp AG provides the following services:

Introducing strategic management and operational planning processes
Aligning operational planning with the strategic objectives of the institution through the institutionalisation of a top-down strategic management process.
Aligning information technology services with the mission and strategic objectives of the organisation
Enhancing the effective use of information technology by aligning the information technology function with the mission and strategic objectives of the organisation.
Developing information technology strategies and information technology architecture solutions
As an expensive resource that impacts organisational effectiveness and efficiency, information and communication technologies need to be properly planned, designed and managed.
Training executives, business management and information technology management
Specialised management training courses can be provided for executives and senior managers. The adoption of a more collaborative approach to management can have a dramatic impact on staff motivation in all areas of the organisation.
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